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The surge in social media has changed the way businesses and customers interact. Social networks and online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn offer direct interaction to your customer, which wasn't thinkable even five years ago.

Social media gives you, as the business owner, powerful tools to reach thousands of prospective clients at the click of a mouse. Whether you run a local business like a Restaurant, or a Global e-commerce site, your business can benefit manifold through Social Media campaigns.

QSS America can provide you the services of whatever you need online, whether it is SEO, PPC, email marketing, mobile marketing or even website creation. But our goal isn’t to just sell services – we believe in partnering with our clients to help them achieve their desired marketing outcomes. We offer social media marketing services to our clients that include strategy, implementation, and training. We train our clients in using social media, help them to define their strategy and select tactics, and how to measure their ROI.

Do not waste your time and energy with a mis-guided, dis-jointed approach to social media - you may actually end up even damage your online reputation by using Social media wrongly. Social Media campaigns should be a part of your targeted and overall marketing strategy, and when used correctly, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool to boost your business. This is a fabulous platform for increasing brand awareness, launching new products, creating buzz around a new event, or even improving SEO and driving traffic to your website.

Why QSS America?

Creating your company page on Facebook or Google+ just isn't good enough. You need to have a strong understanding of how viral marketing works, and also a business strategy of what you want to achieve, before any Social Media marketing can yield tangible results.

We build measurable metrics and analytics into our Social Media campaigns from the beginning – so you can measure the results. Our dedicated online business team has many years of experience and works on strategies that have been built on years of research to help you achieve success through online campaigns.

If you haven't tapped into this opportunity yet, do it today.

We atQSS America, bring our expertise to the table to help you use social media platforms as your business promotion tool. Just like no two business houses are alike, we do not think there can be a single approach to Social marketing. We, therefore, first talk to you, take into consideration the demographics of your customers, how and where they go for information and what engages them most, before recommending the best use of social media for your business. And we make sure it fits in well and enhances your existing marketing strategies such as advertising, email and mobile marketing, and sales promotions.

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