Junk In = Junk Out!

We make sure that your data is cleansed up relieving you from this time consuming, often neglected, and costly non-core business activity, while you concentrate on your core business. We can clean up your databases as part of our outbound telemarketing services. We do this because we know having the right data increases our chances of success and therefore yours!

Accurate list = Better success rates

More cost effective, Lesser instances of spamming

A fully working database is the key to hitting targets in telemarketing. At QSS America, we make sure that expert team apply rigorous checks to our database cleansing service as part of any outbound service, this ensures that the data you have is first rate.

Say Hello to increased revenue

The benefit of accurate data is that once a client has used us, they can be confident that if they want to send out a mailer, newsletter or offer by post or e-mail, the data is accurate. This benefits you in the long run, by keeping your costs down and giving a better ROI. It is also reassuring to know that the offer is going direct to the decision maker rather than someone who has no interest in it and will trash it away.

Say goodbye to spam

Data that has been cleansed is more likely to find the right recipient, which leads to fewer instances of spam. This keeps both yours and our reputation intact.

No more angry customers and lost sales.

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