Outsourcing your outbound calling services can work great wonders in enhancing your overall client acquisition and retention. The sales up-selling as well as cross-selling strategies and techniques deployed by our professionals greatly help our client organisations to meet the most challenging sales goals and objectives.

QSS America, in a very short span of time, has lined up an entire range of outbound services such as lead generation services, appointment scheduling, telemarketing, customer service, email and chat support. Additionally, we have tailor-made hiring and training programs as well as multi-language support.

QSS America's Outbound calling team is driven by a pragmatic and performance based approach that delivers tangible results. Having strong domain knowledge, we are one of the major players in this area. We work with companies ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, leading to booming partnerships which produce beneficial results to all the companies linked with us.

Why QSSAmerica?

- With us you get high quality outsourcing services; our ultimate goal is fulfilment of client objectives by using best technology base and talented workforce.
- You get high quality services at cost effective rates.
- We assure, 24 *7 availability and upwards of 98% uptime on all our services.
- All internet and phone communication is 100% permission based and fully compliant with all relevant DNE, DNC, and Can-Spam rules and regulations.

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