Smartphone sales have surpassed PC sales in 2011. What next?

Mobile web browsing is the happening thing today! Did you know that mobile search is the fastest growing segment of the search market? And did you know that 80-90 percent of all visitors start their search at a search engine?

Now take into account your prospects if you were able to cater to that insanely expanding segment of mobile consumers by offering direct updates through sms/ text messaging, mobile apps and mobile optimised websites. We call them "responsive" - irrespective of whether you see the website through a PC browser or your tablet or your smartphone, the website looks as beautiful and not distorted - an example is this website - go ahead, open your smartphone/ tablet browser and see us @, or chances are that you are already viewing this site through your smartphone or tablet.

If your business hasn’t started considering this growing mobile consumer segment, it is high time to sit up and take note. Chances are, that if you don't, you will be slowly but steadily losing your share of today's business to your competitor tomorrow.

But where do you start? Mobile responsive website? Mobile App? Don't worry, speak to our mobile marketing experts today and understand how it all works. It's part technology, but in mobile marketing, it is part behavioural as well, and you need to consider those aspects too.

Why QSS America?

- We can show you how to convert your current website (or build one, if you don't have already).
- Mobile websites are light-weight, fast loading, scaled down, have easy to read content with simplified navigation.QSS America can help you with all that.
- Want to run a mobile ad campaign? We can create mobile-specific and mobile-friendly landing pages without Flash, over-sized images and video.
- When you reach out to mobile users, you are reaching them closer to heart than on a PC browser. Putting clearly defined call-to-action buttons help mobile users on the go to take actions that convert to your sales.
- We also take into consideration Touch friendly interface with buttons that are large enough to click on with your fingertip while you are on the move.
- We put images with alt tags just in case the page doesn't load on your mobile smart phone.
- Putting links to your traditional website for users who want full site capabilities can help back-links and conversions as well.
- We can show you how and when to use these affordable, effective techniques in your overall marketing approach.
- If you are a mobile marketing company or mobile app developer, our experts can help you optimise the user experience. You may also choose to partner with us and provide targeted advertising for our niche customers.
- If you’re new to mobile app world, we can help develop a mobile application for your business (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 platforms).

Time has come to face the mobile revolution

Contact us today to find out how our solutions can help you in your desired marketing goals!

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