Streamline your customer acquisition process and make your business more profitable.

Outsourcing your call center services eliminates a lot of headaches, frees up your valuable time and allows you to concentrate on your core business more efficiently. And it does not require you to spend upfront on Capex to set up expensive Diallers and increases bottom-line profits by choosing an efficient partner which deliver quality results at a fraction of cost. But how do you determine a good call center that deliver results?

Why QSS America?

When choosing a call center, there are several things that are extremely important to consider before making your selection. At QSS America, we provide you with:

- Quality comes first at QSS America. We provide Quality customer service agents who are pleasant and polite and always represent your business in a professional manner.
- We offer a wide variety of both outbound and inbound services, thereby providing you an integrated array of niche solutions all under one roof.
- We provide you with quality-driven and performance-focussed customer service including a personal Account Manager to answer your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly.
- We help with personalising script development specifically tailored to your requirement, to fit into your overall telemarketing approach.
- We can provide you with the ability to be a part of our staff training and selection.
- We can provide you with off-site monitoring so you can listen to live calls from anywhere in the world.
- We work on latest and state-of-the-art equipment, software, and technology.
- We provide you with accurate, timely reporting.
- We can work with your teams to personalize your entire telemarketing project to your specific requirements.
- We can make your outbound calls during the hours that will be most effective, since our teams work 24 x 7.
- We guarantee secrecy and confidentiality when it comes to your marketing strategies, customer lists and leads.
- We offer realistic affordable pilot programs.
- We can scale up or down real quickly based on your needs.
- We offer digital recording, hot transfers, 3rd party verification, and back-up.

Why go anywhere else when you can partner with the best in the industry.

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