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 Welcome to QSS America!

Fresh Leads - Marketing Campaigns - Digital Media
Integrated solutions - for all your online and traditional marketing needs!

QSS America provides you the most comprehensive suite of marketing, lead generation, inbound/ outbound calling, and digital/ web-enabled services, all integrated under one roof to ensure that all your marketing campaigns and non-core business processes are taken care of with a 360 degree approach, so that you can concentrate on your core business while reducing costs and increasing bottom-line profit, while we deliver you increased revenue and delighted customer base.

Increase your market potential and acquire new customers? - With our Lead Generation, Marketing and Web-enabled services, YES, YOU CAN!
Increase your customer base without draining your profits in increasing manpower? - Use our Order Taking Services. YES, YOU CAN!
Scale up your business at a fraction of cost of using traditional methods? - Use our Cross-Selling and Up-Selling techniques. YES, YOU CAN!
Win back your lost customers? YES, YOU CAN! with our Customer Retention Services.
Experience the very best of customer delight? YES, YOU CAN!

At QSS America, we are committed to cater to your mission critical but non-core business processes to provide a powerful, customised back-office support. We treat your customers as ours! We put you, our client, before us, understanding your needs first and then tailor the most suitable solution for you that deliver results. Our performance-focussed, quality-driven services help you stay ahead of the curve. You get to reap full benefits of an unified approach to all your non-core and/ or back-office business processes.

There's a reason when we say, YES, YOU CAN! Because we are confident that our solutions deliver desired results.

 Contact Us Today! 

What our Customers have to Say!

  • I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Grainger when I worked in the Medical Supply Industry. I contacted Stephanie for lead generation services and found her easy to work with and a consummate professional. The leads obtained from her company positively affected the bottom line of the company and we received a significant ROI. I would strongly recommend QSS America to any organization that is trying to increase their patient base in a compliant manner.”
    - AP Matus, Director of Operations, Diabetic supplies company

  • Thank you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am very impressed by your professionalism, quality work and follow through. I particularly liked your integrated approach to provide us a marketing solution that deliver results.
    - Sylvia Plath, Marketing Specialist, UK based large conglomerate spanning multiple industries. 
  • "Our outsourced calling center solution implementation and transition was quite smooth. QSS America always showed high professionalism and responded quickly whenever there was an issue to be sorted out."
    - CTO, Large US Banking firm
  • "Quite frankly, we would not have made it without QSS America - hearty thank-you, especially to the calling and quality control teams."
    - Mike Waterman (Head - Outsourcing), Large global Entertainment group
  • "I would like to commend your entire operations team for the professional and quality services we have received from the start of our marketing campaigns with QSS America, to now."
    - John Moore, Director, Large global e-commerce firm

  • "Setting up and running large scale data acquisition and producing consistent high quality output is an achievement very few suppliers make, despite the experience they claim. Outsourcing can be a serious headache if it goes wrong. The professionalism of your project management and the helpfulness and approachability of the people involved in working together is what makes working with QSS America quite painless."
    - Alycia Fisher, Director - Operations, Large manufacturing house based in North America

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