Email is not dead, yet!

With the growth of social media, SMS/ text messaging, Twitter and mobile platforms, some self-proclaimed gurus seem to claim that email marketing would be dead soon. However the truth is far from that! Email is still the primary communications format used by 9 out of 10 companies today to keep in touch with existing customers and excite potential leads.

A single email blast may not be as effective today but when it is combined with effective mobile and social media marketing strategies, an engaging landing page, and an ongoing email campaign for follow-up's, it’s the single most effective way to deliver results. Managing your email marketing effort means effective planning, template design (also take into account small screen mobile display), content creation, email list/ subscribers management, and conversion strategies and Click-to-call/ Pay-per-click etc., it can be a very daunting task!

That’s why you should partner with our experts at QSS America, who know how this whole thing works. We have talented and well-experienced email, web and mobile marketing guru's who understand every aspect of email and online marketing, and our experience and proven methodology helps you get better ROI on your next email campaign.

One size does NOT fit All!

As always, every email campaign has to be highly customised to your unique requirements. We at QSS America, strongly believe that One Size doesn't fit All! Our experts will first speak to you and look at your overall marketing plans and where email marketing fits into the whole plan. We then come back to you with an integrated marketing approach that works hand-in-glove with content writing, social media, banner advertising, PPC and SEO to make all work seamlessly with your email campaigns.

And by the way, when the whole world is tending towards going Green and becoming paperless, E-newsletters remain one of the most efficient and favourite communications tools of this age and time. Our experts can help you with that too, right from conceptualising layout to content writing to coding to making sure your e-newsletter reaches your existing and prospective customers' Inboxes, working its way through Spam engines and email gateways.

Ready for targeted prospect generation?

Let's talk today on how we can help you take this game head on and stay ahead of your competition. Let our experts show you the way to successful email campaigns that really work and converts to increased revenue.

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