If You Want Superior Results With Outbound Telemarketing - You Need Superior Sales People On The Phone!

Most telemarketing companies try to cut financial corners and hire high school students and minimum wage employees. Not us! Our outbound telemarketing staff comprises seasoned telemarketing veterans, because we believe, the key ingredient for outbound telemarketing success is the quality of our staff.

Our average outbound telemarketing salesperson is 39 years old - which we feel is just right and mature to make things happen, whether getting you an appointment with a prospect, or make sure your debt gets collected. We ensure that most of our outbound telemarketing staff has previous sales experience. We offer extensive sales training, an aggressive salary and compensation plan that attracts the very best, which allows us to be selective when choosing our outbound telemarketing representatives.

When It Comes To Outbound Telemarketing,You Definitely Get What You Pay For!


When you combine the right people with state-of-the-art technology, you can't help but achieve powerful and desired results! Our outbound call centers are the most advanced in Technology. All of our outbound telemarketing facilities can provide you with custom reporting, hot transfers, 3rd party verification, digital recording, digital backup, off-site monitoring, and web-enabled outbound telemarketing programs. All of our outbound telemarketing call centers are equipped with predictive, automated, and manual phone diallers and stations. With multiple outbound telemarketing call centers across the globe, we continue to provide you service 24x7x365 even in the possibility of an outage or disaster.


We specialise in all forms of outbound telemarketing. All programs are personalised to your individual campaigns and needs. We also provide many custom-made outbound telemarketing programs specific to our client's needs that have more than one objective. For example, some of our clients combine appointment setting with database update, others combine phone sales with up-selling. Whatever you wish, we make sure that we deliver!

Some of the outbound telemarketing services we offer include:

Appointment Setting
Lead Generation/Qualification
Phone Sales
Seminar Registration
Market Research
List Cleaning/Database Update
Special one-time events like Announce A Sale, Grand Opening, Trade Shows, Fund raising
Follow-up's - to direct email campaign, Trade Shows, Special events
Any other B2B or consumer outbound telemarketing campaign that you can think of!

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