Product Information Services

You want to introduce new products and services - but not sure how to handle the increased customer queries on product information requests? Simple, outsource it to the experts! Do not waste your time and money in this non-core business activity. Many of our clients are benefiting every day by taking the wise decision to work with us as extension of their business to provide product/ service information services. We are one of the leading providers of this service to customers round the globe.

Meet QSS America's qualified agents and you will trust them to be your customers’ main information resource for any product or service. Your services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. From handling product enquiries to noting down customer expectations and even suggesting new/ alternative products or services, cross-selling or up-selling, our experienced team can not only provide a good support on product information requests but even help boost your sales and generate qualified leads.

Why QSS America?

- We have the capability to handle high volume phone traffic within a quick span of time, thus effectively scale-up or scale-down as the need may be. For example, you may partner with us at the launch of a new product or service to handle high volume of queries, and scale down as call volumes diminish when stable-state operation ensues.
- We ensure effective customer response and solutions tailored to your specific requirement.
- We provide well-trained staff, cost effective services and use the most latest technologies.
- We operate 24 * 7.

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