Targeted, qualified leads are the real favourites of most seasoned sales veterans because they know that a freshly qualified telemarketing lead is "hot"! Telemarketing leads are in great demand for several reasons.

QSS America Leads Are Genuine

We generate leads through live human beings with excellent communication skills who specialise in telemarketing lead generation. They are trained to answer questions, address concerns, overcome objections, and concentrate on converting to a lead based on real-life issue.

QSS America Leads Are Highly Qualified

Our goal is to provide you customised telemarketing lead programs that generate an appointment. And as you may be knowing, a telemarketing lead that has scheduled an appointment produces a higher level of commitment than your typical prospect.

Some of the Niches where we excel at lead generation are, but not limited to: 
- Mortgage lead generation
- Debt/ Loan lead generation
- Credit card lead generation
- Insurance lead generation
- Education lead generation

Few Case Studies

- A leading university wanted to attract fresh students and lower advertising costs at the same time. After working with us for just under 2 months, they were able to attract one of their best ever academic year intakes while cancelling all their bill-board and TV advertisements.
- A well known cosmetic surgery clinic was heavily spending on traditional advertising methods (TV/ Radio/ magazine/ newspaper Ads) and wanted to reap the cost benefits and convenience of digital marketing. Our targeted and qualified leads helped them achieve an entire month of appointments in just 12 days.
- A well established event management company was having around 30 people on their rolls to generate business. They outsourced their lead management campaigns to us to achieve team size reduction to just 5.

Because we believe that no two of our customer's needs are alike, we customise our lead generation package to make sure you get highly targeted and qualified leads.

Contact us today with your requirement and we shall be happy to provide you with our free, no-obligation quote.

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