Have you provided niche services on credit but never realised your payment?

Are you running your AR (accounts receivables) > 90 days?

Whether you provide services in domains that range from telecom to medical, credit card, insurance, mortgage, insurance or travel, we provide end-to-end Collection services that always deal with debtors effectively and has higher potential to recover your payments. We do follow-ups for you with suitable court action & repossession, if necessary.

Outsourcing your debt collection activities to us can work wonders in sorting out your outstanding debt issues and reduces your AR timeframe and improves your cash flow.

But we do not just talk - we deliver what we say!

You should choose QSS America because:

- We work on the latest technology and and several proprietary/ custom developed software for debt collection and accounting.
- We have demonstrated amazing adaptability for our customer requirements, we have systems and reporting mechanisms that are tailored to meet your requirements.
- We ensure better recovery rate and a 24x7x365 hours assistance.
- With us, you can be rest assured of maximum cost benefits through phased approach.
- You get enhanced productivity through growth in bottom line.
- We ascertain fall in receivables delinquencies.
- We provide assistance through Financial and Legal management professionals.
- You benefit with optimal financial results through live chat & back office support.


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