Helpdesk Services

If your core business is into Manufacturing, Pharma, or any other domain, but you still need to use a plethora of computing devices like servers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and require IT support for their optimal functioning, why let your profits drain into hiring manpower to run your IT setup? Talk to us, and we can provide you a fully functional, customised Helpdesk in a matter of few days! We have experienced Microsoft, Mac and Linux certified professionals available 24 x 7 x 365 providing PC support in layman language for your not-so-technical employees. We provide all the four methods to provide support; phone, online chat, email and remote desktop connection by using software various remote connectivity software.

Handling Technical Calls are Extra-Ordinary!

Since handling PC support calls cannot be provided by ordinary voice executives, we at QSS America, employ highly trained technical staff for this service who are also trained in Voice aspects that enable them to deliver instructions in an easily understandable voice to the callers.

Our intensive technical training implemented with innovative initiatives backed by necessary technical infrastructure and voice training has enabled us to successfully perform the difficult task of putting best of technical knowledge and cordial voice professional into every agent that is put into Helpdesk services. But we do not end there at providing instructions over the phone, we also remotely log into PCs to troubleshoot the problem and resolve it, sometimes without even the user being available in front of their PC/ laptop.

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