Quality Service Solutions America (QSS America) is an Outsourcing and lead generation company Headquartered in Nashville,Tennessee. We have our centers spread globally,  across North America, Philippines, Ukraine, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, India and Pakistan to name a few.

Our Delivery Centres are as Diverse as the clientele we service and that is the basis of our business model.

"Different Strokes for Different Folks"

Incorporated in 2003 as a privately owned Corporation, we have grown slowly but steadily from a small scale operation to one of the largest and most dependable organisations in our chosen field, thanks to the continued support and faith our stakeholders have shown in us and our belief that we have equal responsibility towards our strategic partners, be they clients or Call Centres.

The secret to our business model is our ability to gauge the delivery model that would best benefit our relationships to meet the business requirements of both our Clientele and Partner Firms be it Call Centre Services, Answering Services, Mortgage services, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Research & Analysis, Transcription & Translation or Virtual Assistants.

At QSS America, our Key Strength Areas encompass but are not Limited to:

Cold Calling across North America for Investments Services, Lead Generation, Legal Services, HealthCare Services and Lead generation for Education, Home Services, Insurance to name a few.

We are focussed on ensuring that our clients are firms that need state-of-the-art sales skills representing them and need intelligent relationship building and distinctive operational expertise that we can align our Service Solutions to.

Our name says it all : Quality Service Solutions with Emphasis on "QUALITY".

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